I disappeared for awhile….but I’m still on track

I had big ideas for getting back into HR in an authentic, value add way, removing complexity for managers and being relevant and tailored to business challenges, especially with smaller companies, that may not afford permanent HR and will appreciate the input they may not have ever had before.  And not long after I put that out there, the opportunities came to me….

So now I’m working on a full-time and part-time HR contract for two companies who need and value my support, which is fabulous and feels great!  It’s a bit chaotically busy, but I’m loving it, it’s fun and I get to work with great people.

I wanted to continue growing the coaching side of my business, but due to limited time and the need to focus on financially viable projects right now, coaching will take a back seat for a short time, but as I love coaching, it won’t be for long, and I will find some creative ways to incorporate everything I love to do.

I felt disappointed at myself for not keeping up with regular blogging, but I’m thrilled that work is taking a direction that is fulfilling and rewarding.  So this too will have to take a back seat, as long I dip my toe in now and again.

My message to myself, is when I realise that I can’t do everything, don’t despair, do the things that really matter, don’t let myself go down a rabbit hole, keep looking up and tap into areas that have may have been neglected, even if it’s briefly and not perfect.

After all, that’s ‘the art of life’, not controlling everything in your path, go with the flow when needed, keeping moving forwards, stay positive, look at the big picture and do the things that are important.  Not afraid to change direction, take a break, don’t view it as failure, give yourself a pat on the back for the small achievements.  And most of all enjoy and have fun!

So far so good and I’m very happy with that.



Authentic Leadership Coach

After more than 25 years in corporate HR, I’ve refined what motivates me and gets me out of bed in the mornings.  I’ve challenged myself to define ‘WHY’ I’m in HR and my ‘PURPOSE’ for doing it.  And it boils down to helping those who want to be helped, that can make change within an environment that they have control over and who wants the best result for themselves, their people and their business, with empathy, lifestyle balance, developing and treating people with trust and respect, as they in turn want for themselves and their company.

It’s helping people develop their leadership (personal) brand, values, drivers, dreams and de-railers to enable amazing results that has positive flow-on effects to those who follow them, work alongside them, and live with them!

I’m coaching and working with individuals and small companies where I can ‘really make a difference’, so far I have helped enable….

  • the achievement of personal goals
  • changes in careers
  • securing and presenting effectively at interviews
  • adapting leadership and communication styles
  • creating business plans and life plans
  • reviewing people processes and recommending areas for development
  • challenging complex HR systems that were not fit for purpose and simplifying

It’s exciting to see the results, the ‘Ah ha’ moments, the progress, the appreciation of my trusted support.

I’m on mission to find more opportunities to help make a difference to people and their connections that improve productivity, profit and personal growth, creating happiness at work and in life!


What I do…

Coach for innovative leadership and change;

challenge the status quo; help make new connections;

achieve break through results; eliminate complexity;

enable success in achieving the vision

Why I do it…

I’m inspired and energised when I help people simplify

to achieve success, make their own connections

and live their dream life

How do I it….

With authenticity, challenge, compassion, fun, courage

creativity, innovation and shared vulnerability


Who is currently inspiring me?

Brene Brown: The power of vulnerability

Her first TED talk in 2010 was inspiring: Brené Brown studies human connection — our ability to empathize, belong, love. In a poignant, funny talk, she shares a deep insight from her research, one that sent her on a personal quest to know herself as well as to understand humanity.


Her second TED talk in 2012 was just the icing on the cake and brought it all together for me: Shame is an unspoken epidemic, the secret behind many forms of broken behavior. Brené Brown, whose earlier talk on vulnerability became a viral hit, explores what can happen when people confront their shame head-on. Her own humor, humanity and vulnerability shine through every word.





‘Ideas jamming’ on a lazy Sunday afternoon, not quite a poem, not quite a quote, a ‘thought session’ about my coaching practice and how to take it to the next level in coaching creative minds to achieve success.  I’m going to put a few ideas into action after I publish this post…

Think it
Try it
Adjust as you go
Imperfect and risky
Your results will grow

Thinking without doing
will spoil and frustrate
Self sabotage
Fear of failure
Ideas wither and stagnate

Creativity is precious
Ideas don’t stay long
Get them into action
While the passion is strong

Get blogging
Get writing
Get talking to friends
Get ideas from your mind
Turn them into events
Twist them and turn them
Evolving at will
Free them
Expand them
You’ve just made them REAL


Starting new is daunting, but if you-2

Action speaks louder than words


I did it, I have always wanted to do it, it seemed like a really good thing to do, but I could never quite get past just thinking it…. I’m not a morning person, so when I woke up at 6.30am on a Sunday morning, saw what a perfect day it was and thought “right family outing to the beach to give Alice a swim” I didn’t really think I’d do it….  Ross was keen, I knew Alice would be once she was there and SO WE DID IT….  At the beach before 7am, it was glorious, already there were crowds forming to start a charity fun run, people were out in their kayaks, paddle boards and bikes were gliding along in pelotons.  I couldn’t believe all this action happened on a Sunday morning before 7 and I was there.

We had already decided Sunday was going to be a relax day of doing nothing, so by getting up early and having this gorgeous beach time with Alice, we were inspired to do more….  We were home by 8.30am, had coffee and breakfast on the deck in the sun and decided it was a great time to spray some weeds before the wind came up, (check), then there were some painting leaning up against walls that have needed to be hung for a few weeks (check), we were on a roll….  and it’s energised me to get up earlier more often and take advantage of more time in my day.

I have lots of ideas, lots of goals, lots of things I plan to do….  and this is just another example where “ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS”   I just need to start doing them….

As Henry Ford said

“You can’t build a reputation on what you are going to do”

So I’m sharing this brief moment today, to inspire myself to do it tomorrow, and plan what I’m going to do with the extra hour and ensure it’s put to good use, I think the first hour of our day after we wake and are ready to go, will set the scene for the rest of the day.

I stopped looking up


I’ve momentarily (well a few weeks now) been looking down (head down), making excuses for not keeping up with Blogging 101 as well as other important things and have been using a variety of legitimate reasons to convince myself it’s ok….but is there a good enough reason to stop us achieving our goals?

Combined with not looking up, (remember the palm tree quote in my earlier post?) ‘the sky’s the limit so aim there’….   well I’ve been looking down, beating myself up for not blogging, not getting traction on areas I want to focus, develop, get my coaching practice back up and running, build a website and continuing all my good work overcoming my old habits and fears.

The reality is, I just haven’t made the time.  No-one finds the time, there is no secret time hiding in the wardrobe, I need to be disciplined about how I use my time and make it happen.  It was pointed out to me today by my ‘nearest and dearest’ that I can continue to be head down in busy-ness day after day, or I can stop and schedule time to make other things happen, then fit in how everything else gets done, because it will get done, you get pushed to deadlines, work smarter not harder and you can do more than you anticipated, because you stopped for lunch, instead of missing it, you had a walk and cleared your head, you gave an hour to a project and used your creativity, then you went back to some other work and managed to do it in half the time it would have taken had you been sitting at it all day.  I had to admit, he is right and therefore, I’m booking in things that I previously didn’t think I had time to do, i.e.; writing this post (now), visiting a church (in the next two weeks) to look at the huge stained glass window that our friends made that I’ve been meaning to visit for years and holding a coaching session (tomorrow) that I’m not fully prepared for, but I know that it will be fine.

This post is all about recognising where I am, changing habits and making time, dates and actions to start doing the things that I want to do in order to achieve my goals and dreams.

I’m back looking up…..


Blogging: Why am I here?

And more importantly, why are you reading this post?  I’ll come back to that, let’s start with me.

I’m here because I’ve always been curious about writing and blogging, but it’s been too daunting to know where to start…  until Scott Dinsmore set up the 5 day blog challenge that is, so I thought perfect opportunity to take that path to somewhere.

I did pretty well I thought!  I set up a blog page, actually wrote a handful of brutally honest posts, included a few of my photo’s, and generally wore my insecurities on my sleeve, ready to be mocked, or forwarded around the earth a few times, poised with fear I waited…

It seemed ok, I didn’t die, I told a few friends, they were really supportive, but I still have kept it off my Facebook site for now, and then I stalled, I wrote about stalling and then I bunny-hopped through a couple more posts…  But I still have no idea where I’m going and what path I’m on for my blog, wandering aimlessly around wordpress and trying to navigate to the correct place to join up with Blogging101, I think I’m doing the first assignment now… “Introduce yourself and tell others why you’re here”

I have an About Me page, and a few other posts about me using topics from LYL blog challenge, so I’m not going to repeat it for the sake of my 20 followers…. yup that’s correct, I didn’t just make that up, I’m pretty sure I have 20 followers, and keen not to mislead them, I want to put it out there, I don’t know why I’m here.  I have plenty to offer in skills and experience from working in HR and coaching, but currently I’m still working through how I translate that into a blog.  I’m still a work in progress, but I really do appreciate the support and followers in these early days of setting out, it really is difficult, but I’m up for the challenge.   Please bare with me while I follow the daily topic prompts and let’s see where the path goes for me (us).

Oh let’s briefly re-visit why the heck you are here?  Don’t get me wrong I totally love having followers, but I’d be interested to know why you’re here, it couldn’t be via word of mouth, you’re either one of those few friends who I have instructed to read this or you stumbled across the fact I had liked a post of yours or you miraculously found my blog, and if you are a first time reader you have possibly found my #blogging101 tag and we’re on the same challenge, please let me know….

Since you’re here and you didn’t really get much, thanks for taking the time to read this post, I’ll end this post with a beautiful  photo I took while away for the weekend, it’s the type of tree-lined driveway I’ve always dreamed of owning one day, I saw it, had to take a photo, knowing that it would also come in handy to illustrate a post, since it’s so mysterious as to what’s at the end of the path.  And sorry I didn’t trespass to find out, we will have to make up our own stories for that.

As long as the journey continues there will always be an eventual destination

As long as the journey continues there will always be an eventual destination

Start with fun


It’s a work day, it’s just like every day, another brisk morning at the park, poised, present and ready for action… well Alice is anyway, she’s my dog.

As for me? I’m still groggy, waiting for the coffee to kick in, checking emails on my iPhone, starting to plan my day, already worrying how I’ll tackle a tricky task.  I caught myself and thought “STOP”, I want to be like Alice… her energy, focus and desire to play makes me smile, I relax, I take her photo and put my phone back in my pocket and throw her the ball, we have fun and I start my day again from that moment, feeling lucky, feeling present, feeling inspired by my dog.

Every second is just a moment in time, we get to decide how we feel in that moment, and the next moment, and the next… we get to decide whether we feel grateful, ungrateful, energised or fearful.  As for Alice, she doesn’t worry about the next moment, she just wants to play fetch, right now, in this moment.  She doesn’t worry about what happened yesterday, this morning, a second ago, she is just present and wants to have fun!

So the next time I start to worry about future events, or past events, or this afternoon, first I will think ‘what would Alice do?’

I’ll think of Fetch, I’ll remind myself to be present and have fun, it’s not worth living any moment any other way.

I start my day with Fun!  How lucky am I?